Student Summer Camp » 2017

Join us June 19-23 for our 2017 Student Ministry Summer Camp to Camp Anderson in Old Town, Florida. This will be a life-changing week for 6th-12th grade students. You do not want to miss out on all that God is going to do this summer!

We are currently out of space for our 2017 Summer Camp, however, more spaces may open up. If you are interested in going please click the button below and we will let you know if a spot opens up.

2016 Camp Recap

Sound Summer Calendar

  • June 3rd (5-9 pm) Date night @ the HUB (Reach Camp Fundraiser)
  • June 8th (6-8 pm) Pool party @ Browning house (Wed. night)
  • June 12th (6-8 pm) Pool party @ Howard house (Sun. night)
  • June 14th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ the HUB
  • June 16th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ SC
  • June 19th (9-11am) Bake Sale @ both campuses (Camp Fundraiser)
  • June 28th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ the HUB
  • June 30th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ SC
  • July 9th (9am-3pm) Hire a student day @ the HUB (Camp Fundraiser)
  • July 12th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ the HUB
  • June 14th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ SC
  • July 17-21 (all day) Reach Youth Camp (both campuses)
  • July 26th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ the HUB
  • July 28th (12-2 pm) Pizza & Proverbs @ SC


Our leaders are regular people with a calling and passion to help others become followers of Jesus. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and contact them with one of the links below.

  • Russ Butcher

    Lead Pastor

    Russ served in several vibrant ministries before the burden to reach people who were far from God compelled him to plant Church at the Grove in 2006.


  • Nathan Boyd

    Social Circle Campus Pastor

    In 2012, Nathan led the launch of our second campus in Social Circle, GA which has been reaching a whole new community with the gospel of Jesus.




    Shane got involved at Church at the Grove in 2007, and joined the staff in 2014 to develop our strategy for discipleship and community.


  • Joanna Spires

    Administrative Assistant

    Joanna has been a leader at the Grove since the beginning, but she has been the administrative hub of all operations for a few years as well.

  • Crystal Padilla

    Walnut Grove Worship Leader

    Crystal connects people's hearts to the goodness and greatness of God. You can find her recordings and bilingual music ministry at


  • Brandon Stubbs

    Social Circle Worship Leader

    You can find Brandon's awesome music at, where he consistently leads people to turn their hearts toward Jesus.

  • Pat Hardin

    Student & Mission Director

    Pat recently completed six years as a missionary in Romania, and came back to the States to serve in student ministry and community missions with the Grove.

  • Mandy Hester

    Walnut Grove Kids' Grove Director

    You can always sense Mandy's excitement to connect kids with Jesus, and she's probably the friendliest person we know.

  • Lori Wasson

    Social Circle Kids' Grove Director

    Lori has planned for and prayed for your kids long before they arrive at the incredible children's space that she leads each week.

  • Chastity Singleton

    Walnut Grove Kids' Grove Assistant

    Whether you're checking-in your kids for the first time, or scheduling a Sunday to help lead a kids' room, Chastity can help you get where you want to be.