Prayer and FAsting Initiative

Beginning on Sunday, January 5th we are kicking off a faith initiative to preparing us spiritually for all that God wants us to do as a church in 2020. We are asking for everyone to spend the 21 days between January 6th and January 26th fasting and praying. Your fast can look a number of different ways. You can fast from a hobby, entertainment, social media or do a more traditional fast where you limit something in your diet, or food all together. The idea is that you would remove distractions and learn to trust and depend on the Lord in this season. 

Each morning there will be a new audio devotional released that will help guide you in these 21 days. You can access the online audio devotionals by clicking the links below. 

The purpose of this initiative is to help us draw near to the Lord and get us spiritually healthy for 2020. 

Daily Audio Devotionals