As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Church isn't a building or an event. The church is a people brought together by Jesus. We're meant to have an extended family of other believers with which we can belong and on whom we can depend. The rows we sit in on Sunday mornings aren't the best way to connect relationally. For that, circles are better than rows. For that, we have groups at the Grove.

What are groups like?

Our small groups can look very different in format. Some meet at our campus facilities, while many meet at homes or more public spaces. Some groups are made up of a specific age group, while others include a wide range of ages and life-stations. Most groups meet every week or every other week, and many share meals, prayer, and discussions about scripture.

what about my kids?

Not all of our community groups offer childcare, but many of them do. If you join a group that has childcare available your group leader will arrange to have sitters there to ensure your child is kept safe while you meet with the group. The church values group life so much that it reimburses the group leader for childcare expense. (To fill out reimbursement form please click here)

When and where will my group meet?

Our groups are eclectic meeting throughout the week in different locations. Some groups meet every week while other groups meet less frequently. Many of our groups meet in homes but we do have a few groups that utilize our church facilities. Our groups are semester based, spring semester (January - May), fall semester (August - December). Most of our groups take a break during the summer. 

how do i sign up for a group?

You can view a complete list of all our groups by clicking the button below. Once you see a group you might be interested in, click on the link to contact the group leader. If you have any questions or have any problems please contact Pat Hardin.

Pat hardin - next step director

If you have more questions about groups or would like a recommendation on where you might best fit, please contact Pat Hardin our Next Step's Director. 

Current leaders or interested in being a leader?

If you are currently a group leader, or are interested in becoming a group leader, check out the resources below. Below you will find our leadership guide that gives detailed information about what our expectations are for groups and group leaders. Additionally, we have created an assessment that allows you to diagnose the health of your group.