Mission & Vision

The Mission

The mission of Church at the Grove is to reach people far from God and lead them to become followers of Jesus.  

Our values

Found People, Find People

We believe that a relationship with Jesus is the greatest thing that could ever happen to someone. Once someone places his faith and trust in Jesus as Lord of his life, then the natural response is to want other people to experience Jesus as well.

Saved People, Serve People

Served people turn into saved people when saved people are willing to serve people. Jesus set the perfect example by becoming the ultimate servant.

You Can't Do Life Alone

The first step away from God is normally a step away from the people of God. God didn't create you to do life alone and wants you to be a part of a community of faith with real and authentic relationships.

You Can't Out Give God

We believe that the God who we worship is all-powerful and the owner of all things. Our God has no needs and his resources are limitless. This is why we are radically generous with our time, treasures, and talents. 

Growing People Change

In order to grow, you have to change. We believe that if you aren't dead, then God's not done working in your life. We are all flawed and make sinful decisions, but by God's grace, we are forgiven and can change to become more like Jesus. 

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