New Series begins Sunday!!

New Series Begins Sunday!!

We are so excited to begin a new series this Sunday on the book of Daniel. Although Daniel was written nearly 3,000 years ago this book speaks so powerfully to where we find ourselves today. We live in a world that is increasingly moving further and further away from the Lord. We face a turbulent election. We lack leaders with character. We battle through racial tensions.

Where is God in the midst of these circumstances?
How do you remain sane in a world that has lost its mind?
How do followers of Jesus remain faithful in a faithless world?

These are questions that we will wrestle with beginning this Sunday for our new series, "Daniel: Standing Up in a Bowed Down World." We hope that you will join us at 9:15am or 11:00am online or in-person.

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Get a head start on learning the book of Daniel by watching a great introduction to the book below
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