Weekly Update 4/28/2021

The sexual revolution that began in the 60’s promised our world and culture that we would have more freedom and pleasure; however, statistics clearly show us that we are experiencing more pain, chaos and heartbreak than we ever could have imagined. While the world sees the way of Jesus as antiquated and out-of-touch with reality, the Bible shows that sexual freedom is found in the radical pursuit of Jesus.

Jesus makes the radical statement comparing lust and adultery, and calls his followers to take drastic steps to remove lustful intentions from their hearts. Lustful intent is most clearly seen in the use of pornography and fantasy and the greatest weapon we have to fight against this lustful intent it to have a vibrant, growing, passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you did miss the talk from Sunday, you can view it now by clicking on the image above. You can also view the message through out YouTube page, Audio Podcast, and the Church at the Grove App. Be sure to check out the Sermon Application Guide to talk things over with your Community Group or Family.
Join us for Parent/Child Dedication service on Sunday, May 23rd. This is a great time for parents to present their child (ren) to the Lord, and vow to raise them in a God-honoring way. The church will also commit to help the parents in their parenting journey through prayer and sacrificial service. If you are interested in being a part of this service please sign up by clicking on the link below.
We are SO EXCITED that we will be hosting Summer Jam 2021 in person this year!!! This an incredible experience for primary and elementary school students that your child will not want to miss! More information is coming but please go ahead and mark your calendars for the following evening:
  • Social Circle Campus - June 4th-6th
  • Walnut Grove Campus - June 13th-16th
We would love to recognize all of our graduating seniors on May 16th. If you, or your child, are graduating and would like to be recognized, please sign up on the link below:
Baptism is one of the first steps that we should take in our faith journey after trusting Jesus as our Lord and Savior. To learn more about baptism watch the video to the right or download our baptism packet below.

If you are ready to be baptized or would like to talk to someone please click on the link below.
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