Pray, Care, and Share with your Neighbors

Bless Every Home

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life."

The Lord planted our church where we are to help our neighbors discover the light of life. In a world where everyone is known for what they are against, we want to be known for what we are for; we are FOR or neighbors! So, we're asking each member of our church to consider becoming a Light to their neighbors and living intentional pray-care-share lifestyles.

Becoming a Light is free and confidential. You'll receive a map and list of your closest neighbors, along with emails at the frequency of your choice to pray for your next five neighbors that day. When you get a chance, walk or drive by those homes as you pray for them.

To learn more about this opportunity click the button below (or visit and learn how you can be a light for Jesus in your neighborhood.

May God bless you as you bless your neighbors,

Nathan Boyd
Church at the Grove
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