Why Worry?

Fifty years ago you didn’t hear much talk about anxiety but now it has become a regular conversation in almost every American home. In fact, over 40 million American adults have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety begins with worry and can cause a number of physical issues including panic attacks, breathing problems and heart palpitations. Although it seems this subject is a new phenomenon, worry has always been something that humankind has wrestled with, even during the time of Jesus. Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount spent time addressing the subject of worry, letting us know that worry begins and ends when we realize we aren’t in control.

This past Sunday, Nathan continued our series by looking at how followers of Jesus can live with a non-anxious presence, including practical steps that anyone can take to help over come worry. If you missed this message we would encourage you to watch in online now through our website, facebook, Youtube, or anywhere you listen to podcasts. We also have a Sermon Application Guide to help you apply the truths of this message to your life, download it here.
The best way for you to grow in your faith is to apply the truths of God's Word to your life in the context of community. While we can be inspired on Sunday morning sitting in rows, real life change happens when we are in small groups of like-minded people challenging one another to take steps to follow Jesus in a deeper way. HAVE YOU JOINED A COMMUNITY GROUP YET?? IF NOT, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Have you checked out our weekly podcast yet? Every Wednesday morning a new episode releases and it is designed to highlight conversations that will challenge you take next steps in your faith journey and go beyond Sundays. In episode 3 Pastor Russ and Nathan sit down and discuss this new series, "Build Your House" and the importance of building your life on the truth of Jesus. Watch the video on our website, app, or Youtube or listen anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

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